Find out how your creativity can be enhanced to support Aedo, a cultural enterprise promoting Cultural Heritage. You can get two tickets for a multimedia interactive visit to the “Printing and Art Printing Museum” in Lodi.

Thursday, April 16, 2015. In Milan, at Barra A (Via Ampere, 59) Raising School and TwLetteratura will realize a design workshop via Twitter. The audience will use their own creativity to co-design innovative solutions with Aedo, a startup for multimedia in art.

Aedo is a creative cultural enterprise, an innovative startup aimed at the enhancement and the promotion of Cultural Heritage. Aedo sets up technological devices – hd monitor, touch screen, projectors, but also ‘familiar’ media such as tablets and smartphones – in museums, cultural sites of the diffused Heritage. Through these devices, Aedo builds a new system of fruition, storytelling and dissemination of content, which results in a real experiential journey around and inside the objects.

Yes, exactly! Raising School and TwLetteratura designed the prototype of a workshop that uses the TwLetteratura method as a tool, useful to enhance the diffused people’s creativity, to solve challenges faced by a cultural enterprise. With such a method, they will engage the audience of Barra A, to co-design and co-create with Aedo.

During the workshop, the audience will discuss – through paper and digital tweet – how to communicate outside the interactive, multimedia storytelling by Aedo. This will be particularly helpful when it will not be possible to directly show the “technological apparatus”. The audience will thus help Aedo in many ways:
-> Find out how Aedo is perceived by the others;
-> Identify opportunities and problems not imagined so far;
-> Define the benefit of the project on the community with which it interacts and acts.

Aedo presents its own vision and its own challenge. Participants will comment the content using the analog TwLetteratura approach (140-character messages, written on pre-printed paper) and by Twitter.

The exercise, taking advantage of immediacy, speed and synthesis, stimulates the attention. In addition, through gamification, it favors the approach towards a content from a different point of view.
At the end of the workshop, the tweets produced on paper are posted on a Twitter account and, subsequently, a tweetbook is realized, dedicated to the protagonist startup.

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