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The challenge

The Gonzagherie project was realised for the cultural district Le Regge dei Gonzaga, with the collaboration of two Lombard FabLab: Ghigos Ideas and Imprimatvr. The project promotes the area of Mantova through the creation of real objects, inspired by some interesting places once frequented by the Gonzaga family. Gonzagherie is aimed at the dissemination and the use of creative process related to their implementation.

It means to find out a solution to the lack of elements able to give a perception of the cultural tourism as a net. Gonzagherie also intends to propose a new digital entrepreneurship. To these aims, innovative products and services, technological characteristic, are offered, while promoting the story of places and creative processes. Finally, Gonzagherie provides an online disclosure of tangible and narrative products.



The solution

Gonzagherie explores a mysterious landscape essence, once inhabited by the Gonzaga family, interpreting and transfering it on multifunctional handicrafts. During and following the production of artefacts relating to the province of Mantova, Aedo planned both the digital communication of values ​​of institutions and enterprises related to objects, and the corporate image of the project and its graphics. This was obtained by describing the relationship between ideas, digital crafts and real places of inspiration.

The objects, producted directly in the laboratories of their prototyping, and regarding the various phases of their creation and realization, point out the relationships with the places. Narratives are ​​available online, on dedicated website and on a custom package, as part of the graphic design and identity of the project.

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