The digital museum

Technique and technology

The Challenge

The Museum of Printing and Art Print in Lodi, preserves and makes accessible a collection of machineries, tools and artifacts of the world of press, which is one of the richest and most important in Europe. The journey starts from the printing press and the ancient techniques of printmaking (woodcut, intaglio, lithography), coming up to the offset printing and the rare examples of “computer archeology” of the first digital revolution.

Didactic and creative dimensions (Paper factory laboratory and Typesetter for a day workshop) join the museum dimension, together with the social dimension (auditorium for events).

To be a pefect “Museum of the XXI Century”, just a technological dimension is missing, as it allows to imagine the creation of (new) experiences for (new) visitors.

The Solution

With the project “The Digital Museum”, a multimedia exhibition was realized alongside the traditional one, that was thus enriched with new contents.

Starting with the analysis of the most important and fascinating object, each location explores and examines a specific topic.

While visiting the museum, digital contents allow visitors to experience the direct interaction with machineries, and get tools to discover hidden aspects, to understand the mechanisms, to live their past and present stories. All of this is obtained thanks to the work of artists and technical experts.

Narrative itineraries



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