Mantova in capital 'A'

The city of Gonzaga family, between past and future

The Challenge

The “Regge dei Gonzaga” Cultural District is an innovative model of territorial development, in which the first goal is the enhancement of tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage. Such promotion will be realised hrough a planning network whose strategic priority for local development and tourism is the promotion of its cultural and agri-food goods and values. Mantova, included in the Unesco World Heritage List, is a real “Museum – City”. By linking together the different places through the red wire of the Gonzaga family, the city turns into an “open air museum”, in a journey through past, present and future.


The Solution

With the project “Mantova in capital A. Traveling with Gonzaga family“, a new reading key to enjoy the city was built, through the preparation of technological stations, able to create virtual and real connections between different places. The digital museum coincides with the city. Starting from an interactive map, you can enter in depth virtual tours of real places, re-experience them once again through themes and contemporary instruments: environment, water, food, agriculture, archaeology, art and architecture.

Narrative itineraries



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