Aedo is a creative cultural enterprise and an innovative start up for the enhancement and the promotion of Cultural Heritage of every country. Our main activities consist of researching, developing and creating innovative products and services with a high technological, scientific and cultural value, as well as a strong social impact.

“We created a new format to enjoy the Cultural Heritage. It travels on technological, stable, interactive and high-definition devices, directly next to objects, and provides a system of storytelling to promote and enhance the national and international Cultural Heritage, to the general public. We deal with archaeology, ancient art objects, contemporary artworks, painting, sculpture and architecture. We also handle crafts, manufacturing production and design objects. Furthermore, we deal with corporate cultures, with stories and techniques of their industrial production. In addition, Aedo supports cultural institutions, museums, associations, foundations and enterprises, in activities such as: communication and promotion, designing initiatives for public involvement, fundraising and crowdfunding strategies.