Palazzo Ducale is now enriched with four new digital thematic tours. This is the result of the recent meeting between the cultural district The Regge dei Gonzaga and the director of the Palace, Peter Assmann. The district was represented by the president Francesca Zaltieri, by the Director Carmelita Trentini and by Fabrizio Nosari, head of the scientific committee. They illustrated the multimedia project “Digital Gonzaga”, made possible thanks to the innovative start up Aedo.

The Lombard creative enterprise, winner of the Selection “Cultural Innovation” by Fondazione Cariplo, had already worked for the Gonzaga district, at Biblioteca Teresiana and Palazzo Te. The representative Maddalena Camera introduced the project concerning the Ducal Palace. The work was carried out in collaboration with the Superintendence and the direction of the museum center. An interactive multimedia station has been set at the entrance of Palazzo Ducale. This big touch screen illustrates four different thematic tours, presenting the identity of Mantova and the image that the city spreads beyond its borders: water, environment, art and feeding.

Such themes suggest four possible interpretations of the environments of the Palace: four interactive maps indicate the halls related to each topic, and build up different visitor routes. These are complementary and useful to understand how each artwork or space can be reinterpreted according to different points of view, each time suggesting a particular meaning. Here, the multimedia route prepares the audience both for educational and emotional visit, of a complex monument. To realise this route, several videos and photographic campaigns have been required, to reproduce the virtual tour, always through the real artworks.

The project is designed to be continuously expanded, enriched with new content and with new visit routes to be offered to the audience, as if in the same place and with the same works of art it was possible to build a series of thematic exhibitions, as a result of the continuous artistic and historical researches on the palace.

From gazzettadimantova, November 27, 2015