Rethink how to transmit cultural contents and values, transforming the traditional fruition in an interactive multimedia, emotional and participative experience

Our History

Aedo is a creative company and an innovative start up, aiming at enhancing and promoting Cultural Heritage. We deal with archaeology, ancient art objects, contemporary artworks, painting, sculpture and architecture. We also handle crafts, manufacturing production and design objects. Furthermore, we deal with corporate cultures, with stories and techniques of their industrial production.
In addition, Aedo supports cultural institutions, museums, associations, foundations and enterprises, in activities such as: communication and promotion, designing initiatives for public involvement, fundraising and crowdfunding strategies.

  • Technology 90% 90%
  • Cultural heritage 80% 80%
  • Web Development 85% 85%
  • Fund raising 75% 75%


Job done

Our work

We set up technological devices – hd monitor, touch screen, projectors, but also more familiar media such as tablets and smartphone – in museums and other places of diffused Cultural Heritage. A new system of fruition, narration, dissemination of contents is realised and inserted in such devices, resulting in a real experiential journey, around and inside the objects, to tell their story and convey their value. We take artistic photos at very high resolution, while other images are obtained by means of technological equipment for non-invasive investigations. Moreover, videos, audios, texts are also realized, to return to the user a personal, interactive and unprecedented experience, that a classic and traditional system of fruition does not allow.

The following live demos, available as haptic technology on any mobile, reveal what we realise in our installations.